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N5 Westport to Turlough Road Project

Scheme Overview

The Westport to Turlough Road Project involves the design and construction of new national primary road (approximately 23km long), new national secondary road (approximately 2.5km long) and all ancillary works.

The 25.5km overall length of the route consists of approximately 20.3km of Type 2 Dual Carriageway and approximately 5.2km of Single Carriageway including a section of online improvement.

It is envisaged that the scheme will include the following elements of infrastructure:

  • 2 nr. compact grade separated junctions;
  • 6 nr. roundabouts;
  • 2 no. overbridges of the Westport-Castlebar railway line,
  • Other major structures including road overbridges, underbridges, piled embankments and other geotechnical solutions in areas of very soft ground, retaining walls and noise barriers;
  • Large volumes of peat and alluvium are anticipated to be generated from excavate and replace operations, piled embankments are envisaged along the route also with provision for peat restoration sites awell.
  • Culverts and associated diversions of existing watercourses and drainage ditches;
  • Utility and services diversions;
  • ITS provision;
  • Pedestrian and cyclist facilities;
  • Extensive earthworks in low plasticity index glacial tills, including slope steepening, soft ground treatment and rock excavation;
  • Earthworks in karst ground conditions;
  • Drainage works including the provision of wetlands;
  • Accommodation works and ancillary road works;
  • Traffic management
  • Other consequential construction works necessary to complete the scheme.

The scheme will have ecological, noise and visual mitigation requirements and will include landscaping and accommodation works.



South Lanarkshire Council
South Lanarkshire Council